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Meade Schools

Click on the thumbnail of any photo to bring up a larger view, then use your browsers back button to return to the gallery. These photos are available in higher resolution, or ink-jet prints for a fee. Use the contact information on the "About Us" page for more information.

Bennett Buildling

D. Reimer Collection.

Washington Building

Haskins collection.

Meade High School

1909. D. Reimer Collection.

Meade High School

1942. D. Reimer Collection.

Bennett Building

N Ohnick collection.

Bennett Building Construction

This is the Bennett Building being constructed... you can see the Washing Building in the background. N. Ohnick collection.

MHS Class of 1921

MHS Class of 1921: Top Row (L to R) Robert Hazel, Fay Porterfield, Eunice Kolb, Harry Fee, Jo Lawson, Fred Holderman.

Second Row: Wallace West, Wilma Woodward, Ann Lawson, Winona McGuire, Hazel Cain, Helen Adams, Paul Walters.

Third Row: Elsie Roberts, Pearl Heironimus, Pearl Runkle -- A. Parry collection

Drama Class MHS 1921

MHS Drama Class - 1921 (Pearl Runkle front row 5th from left) -- A. Parry collection


MHS Girls 1920

MHS Girls - 1920  -- A. Parry collection


Miss Fee - 4th Grade

Blackford, Ralph Helsel, Roy Wasson, Imogene Beckman, Beatrice Wimberly
Elida Chenowith, Dorothy Jean Harvey
Evelyn Gadham, Eunice Cordes
Leo Eckhoff .Leonard Runkle
John Borger, Franklin Dixon
James Runkle ,James Evans
Benny Wolfe, Delsie Davidson
Mary Gilmore, Harry Pinnick
Olivia Burgin, Inez Gates
Taylor Boyd, Harrison Barns
Abie Kush, Charles Rathe
Frank Hall, Lois Rexford
Vivian Marlow, Billie Krisle
Margery Davidson, Joe Lockhart
Eileen Jones


Some of the names may not be spelled correctly... they were written in cursive on the back of the photo. Please let me know if you have a correction. Nancy





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