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The follow is a story submitted by Darlene Bohling Harding.

Thanks for sharing Darlene!

August 2003 my husband Roy, and I took a long-dreamed trip back to my home state of Kansas. I'm Darlene Bohling Harding, daughter of Albert and Freda Bohling. I was born in my paternal grandparents home August 23, 1936. John and Lula Bohling, my dad's parents had their home built at 18166 X Rd. outside of Meade, in 1928. My grandparents sold their place to Pete and Agnes Isaac sometime in 1947, and then moved to Dodge City.

My teacher in first grade was Madge Elliott, she was also my dad's teacher years before. I remember our family living in the Wes Edwards place outside of town somewhere, I don't remember what direction from town. Years ago when we went back to Kansas, we looked the place up with the help of my Aunt Josie Bohling Adams. What a disappointment for me. It wasn't such a huge house as I remembered as a child. Looking back through the eyes of a child, I recall such a big staircase, it was beautiful. I remember walking up the stairs holding a candle, because there was no electricity. I can just picture the water pump in the kitchen, and the wonderful porch that circled the house, where my brothers and I played. Bohling Home in Old Meade County

My family, including my three brothers, Dale ( the oldest ), Duane and Gary moved from Meade to Livingston, California in 1943. Our family made a couple of visits back "home" through the years. In 1976, my husband Roy, two of our four daughters and myself, took my dad for a visit back to Meade and surrounding areas to visit relatives. We hadn't been back until 2003, when we thought it was way over due.

We had such a wonderful time visiting aunts, uncles and cousins in Greensburg, Wichita, Dodge City and Cimarron. My cousin Phyllis Figger of Cimarron called Mel and Linda Isaac in Meade to see if several of us relatives could stop in to see "the old homestead" of years ago. Mel, the son of Pete and Agnes Isaac, and his wife live in this wonderful home. They were so gracious in welcoming us 6 strangers into their home. Linda gave us the tour of their lovely old home. It was especially heart warming for my aunt, Nora Bohling Bartling, who lived there during the years it was her parents home.

It really was special to me to be in the bedroom where I took my first breath 67 years ago. A lot of wonderful memories came flooding back, as we went up the stairs to my aunts bedroom. I remember playing with her dolls when I was just a little girl. And outside, I recall the fun we had as youngsters playing at our grandma and grandpa's. It was so many years ago, but, still it was fresh in my memory. We were so thankful to our new friends, Mel and Linda who were just so warm and friendly. We sat around their dining room table telling them stories we remembered about their home, years before it was their home. Linda served us fresh lemonade and we enjoyed the afternoon being back at Grandma and Grandpa's house.

I want to thank Mel and Linda once more for the wonderful visit and their gracious hospitality. I will always remember and be grateful to them. God Bless you, Mel and Linda.

I must add the coincidence of coming from Meade, Kansas where the famous Dalton Gang had their hideout... to moving to LIvingston, California where Mason Frakes (Bill) Dalton was buried in the yard of his father-in-law. Bill Dalton's body was removed and placed to rest in Turlock, California. And years following, we lived next door to that same house. Believe it or not, it is true.


Darlene Bohling Harding

email address Califgrdma@aol.com

Mel and Linda Isaac's Home Meade County




Mel and Linda Isaac and their remodeled home.

Bohling Meade County 1930s



John ( l.) and Albert Bohling and his greyhounds in the '30's.

John and Lula Bohling and family Meade County KS

John and Lula Bohling and their children.

(left to right) Nora, Minnie,Josie, Albert and Clarence. Esther was born later.


Albert Bohling Family Old Meade County KS



Albert and Freda Bohling and children.

(left to right)

Darlene, Dale

and Duane. Gary was born later.


The following is a poem written by Dale Bohling:


Dale Bohling Old Meade County KS


There he stands in new school attire
The little boy with the Mona Lisa smile
Shiny as a new penny in is overalls
And brand new straw hat and a hair cut too!

What else does a little boy need
To start his first day in school?
It's not a big deal you say, the first day?
Try telling his little topsy turvy tummy!

Caught in the Kodak's icy stare
He tried to work up a brave little smile
But his trembling lips could only turn
Up the muted corners languidly.

As I hold the Kodak version of frozen time
I'm staring once again into the blinding sun
I see the outline of the voice who says to me
     "SMILE" and so meekly I comply.

I feel that little heart as it beats so savagely
Behind those stiff new overalls and know

That little boy ever shall I be.. God help him!
God help me!

D. Bohling




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