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Farming in Old Meade County

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If any of these photos have meaning to you and your family, they are available on disk in higher resolution for a small fee. They have been scanned in at 300 dpi, but must be made smaller for presentation of the website. Use the contact information on the "About Us" page for more information.

Barger Farm

listed on the back: Alvin, Ollie, Dad, Della, Mother, Lula, Velma - P Smith collection

New 1930 John Deere D

Earl Rexford (L) and Al Derking partnered to buy this tractor in the 1930's for $800. They ran it night and day taking turns driving. - P Smith collection

Earl Rexford

- P Smith collection

Farming in the 1930's

Earl Rexford standing on the threshing machine. - P Smith collection

Gardner Threshing Crew from Fowler

Gardner Impliment - P Smith collection

Farming in the 1930's

- P Smith collection

Earl Rexford

- P Smith collection

Farming in the 1930's

- P Smith collection

Proud Tractor Owner

- P Smith collection

Gardner Threshing Rig

- P Smith collection

Sod Home in Old Meade County

- P Smith collection

Ruel Brandt 1931

Running a tractor in the dirty thirties - P Smith collection

Burford Threshing Outfit 1905

Fowler Library collection

Haywood Threshing Machine 1014

Fowler Library collection

Dewey Harvest Crew

Guarding the Wheat Plains

J Knott collecton

Harvest 1939 John K Reimer

Harvest in Meade County 1914

Hempel and Singley

J Knott collection

Plains Field 1921

J Knott collection

Plains Harvest

J Knott collection

On the left is a Baldwin Combine bought by George T, Classen, Center one is C F Classen's, On the right is B H Doerksen's, The car is B H Doerksen's new car and new tractor. All where purchased in 1929 and the combines were assembled by the dealer. Picture was taken in B H Doerksen's yard. Pete C Doerksen collection.


(Willis Hantla front center)

The next three photos were submitted by Brian Hantla. It was handed down through family history that his grandfather, Willis Hantla brought the first steam tractor to Meade County. The tractor, pictured to the left, has no fenders.In the photo one can make out "Flour City" on the engine cover, circa 1904.

The story is that Willis Hantla drove the tractor from St. John, KS to Meade with his wife, Lena, driving the water wagon behind two teams of mules.. top speed 4 miles per hour. I took 3 days to get to Meade.

This photo of the Hantla family farming operations was taken around 1911. Type of tractor unknown.
Willis and Lena Hantla (in the car) pictured with their threshing crew.
This photo gives a whole new perspective to MOVING DAY!

This photo was sent to us by Alma Regier and the best of our knowledge the people are:

Mr. Grub (owner of tractor) Jacob R and Anna (Friesen) Classen, baby Dick Classen, little girl Lena Classen. The older gentleman may be Anna's father, Klaas P. Friesen. 1916

This photo was sent in by Jim Brower.

Subjects unknown.

On the back of this photo post card Roy Moots wrote to Robert Bishop in Valley Center, KS:

"Shocking and binding 10 days. Can you tell what horses and what people these are?"


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