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Meade County's Changing Boundaries

Kansas counties formed by 1861 Kansas counties formed by 1871

1845: With the annexation of Texas the area now known as Meade County became a part of the United States.

1850: Under the Omnibus Bill f 1850, it was ceded by Texas to the General Government, and became a part of Kansas under the Organic Act of 1854.

1865: The Kansas Legislature fixed the boundaries of Marion County to include the present territory of Meade County. In June of the same year Marion County was organized and its boundaries changed, excluding this territory, which remained unorganized and unattached until...

1873: The Kansas Legislature created Meade County named in honor of Gen. George Gordon Meade. At this time the east boundary was the east edge of range 27, making it more narrow than it is today.

SW Kansas - 1885 to Present
1881: Meade County was attached to Ford County for judicial purposes until Meade County could be organized.

1883: The Kansas Legislature dissolved Meade County, attaching that part lying east of the east line of range twenty-nine to Ford County, and that part lying west of the east line of range twenty-nine to Seward County.

1885: The Legislature again established Meade County with its current boundaries. At this time we were attached to Comanche County for judicial purposes, to which we remained attached until the formal organization of the county. Proclamation of organization was issued November 4, 1885, and Meade Center was designated the temporary county seat.



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