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Photographic History of Meade, Kansas

Click on the thumbnail of any photo to bring up a larger view, then use your browsers back button to return to the gallery. These photos are available in higher resolution, or ink-jet prints for a fee. Use the contact information on the "About Us" page for more information.

Meade Street Scenes

M. E. Read Hardware & Grocery

Located at Carthage and Meade Center. D. Reimer collection.

Street Scene Early Meade

Looking west on Carthage Ave. from Meade Center St., shows Meade State Bank, George B. Coon Real Estate and the Hotel at the far end.

Haskins Collection

Courthouse Construction

Meade County Courthouse being built. R. Norsworthy collection.

4th of July Float

Traveling east on Carthage, banner shows the Owl Restaurant and Confectionery. Haskins collection.

Main Street of Meade

Sometime after 1914. D. Reimer collection.

Birds Eye View NE

Looking east from Carthage and Park St., you can located the courthouse and first Baptist Church on N. Fowler. D. Reimer Collection.

Birds Eye Veiw NW

D. Reimer Collection.

Birds Eye Veiw Carthage

D. Reimer Collection.

Carthage & Fowler Street

Between 1907 and 1914, shows the old frame First National Bank, the Opera House and old County Courthouse. N. Ohnick collection.

Early Meade Street Scene

Drilling a well. Haskins collection.

Early Meade Street Scene

shows M. A. Gampbell Dry Goods. Haskins collection

County Courthouse

The newly constructed courthouse. D. Reimer Collection.

Stone Quary Early Meade

Meade Business Scenes

DeCow House

Photographer, W.S. Edwards, Meade. Haskins collection.

F.W. Fick

Early Meade entrepurneur. N. Ohnick collection.

First National Bank

1915. N. Ohnick collection.

Henry Bohling

Standing in front of his mail delivery truck. L. Cordes collection

H.M. Coon Confections

On Carthage St., early Meade. D. Reimer Collection.

Meade Cement Block Factory

Dated around 1907. Haskins collection

Cemment Block Factory

Haskins collection.

Meade County Press

D. Reimer Collection.

Meade State Bank

Taken in 1909 by Gerow. D. Reimer Collection.

Meade's First Phonograph

Listening to one of the first record players, Nettie Bohnam Brown, Rhue Bohnam Marrs, Clyde Bohnam, Myrtle Sharp. Haskins collection.

Delivery Truck

Perkins Dairy, Meade, KS. D. Reimer Collection.


Franklin and Anna Soutbeer in the automobile taken in 1907 and Charles K. Sourbeer their son in front of his jewelry store. D Freeman collection


Meade Churches

First Baptist Church

Built in 1916. D. Reimer Collection.

Postcard Showing Three Churches

Shows early Meade churces, Methodist, Presbyterian, and Baptist. N. Ohnick collection.

Early Baptist Church

N. Ohnick collection.

Old Methodist Church

N. Ohnick collection.

Presbyterian Church

N. Ohnick collection.

Presbyterian Church

N. Ohnick collection.


Meade County Courthouse 1888

Meade County Courthouse built in 1888. Man on the right is John Randolf. N Ohnick collection.

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