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Meade County Rural Schools

By Nancy Ohnick

Gone forever are the one-room country schools that dotted the countryside around Meade County. The buildings may be gone, but one has only to bring the subject up where a group of farmers are gathered to find the memories are very much alive. Prior to the 1950s, if you lived in the country you probably attended grade one through eight in one of these one-room, one-teacher schools. In the early years they may have been family dwellings, even sod houses.

If you lived west and north of Meade you may have gone to Prosperity, Pleasant Home, Liberty Knoll, Sunny Dell, Mertilla or Button. North of Meade was Artesian Valley, Pleasant View, and Western Gem. To the east of town was Belle Meade, Grandview, Highland, Lakeview, Happy Hollow, McNulty, and Moundview. The southeast area of the county included Evergreen One, Evergreen Two, Pleasant Hill, Lily Dale, Sunny Dale, Good Will, Five Mile, Valley Grove and Long View. If you lived south of Meade you may have gone to Black, Sunrise, Century, Atwater, Happy Hill, Stone, Fairview, Pleasant Valley or Kyger. To the south of Plains was Pleasant View, Rolldale, West Glendale, East Glendale and Lone Star.

Our records at the Museum document 52 rural schools in Meade County. It must have been a tremendous task to coordinate the activities of so many different schools in so many different locations. From 1935 to 1969 that task was undertaken by Miss Ola Granger, Meade County Superintendent of Schools. During her 37 years of service, Miss Granger earned the respect and admiration of many a rural student and the community as a whole. Born on a farm north of Meade, July 20, 1881, Miss Granger spent 30 years in the teaching profession prior to taking the job as County Superintendent. She died in 1978.

The Old Stone School House still stands 13 miles straight south of Meade and the Sunny Dale School House stands on the lot just north of the Meade County Historical Museum. Many of the other school buildings found their way into town or onto farms to serve as homes or outbuildings. We know where some of them are... the rest are lost forever.

We are searching for histories and/or personal recollections of former students of Meade County's rural schools. Please contribute to this section of the website if you can... before it's lost forever. If you have a story to share email me or find contact information on the "about us" page. Thanks.

Superintendents of Meade County Rural Schools

1886   N.B. Clark
1886   N.H. Mendenhall
1890   Mollie Dalgarn
1892   D.P. Wysong
1894   Jennie Kessler
1898   J.A. Porterfileld
1900   Maggie Martin
1904   Ruth Bennet
1908   Mattie Haig
1912   Pearl Wood Smith
1916   Ola Granger
1922   Clara Carrell
1928   Louise Hallock
1932   Mattie Boyd
1936-63   Ola Granger

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Page 2 lists the schools in alphabetical order and page 3 lists them by district number.

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with links to pages if they have one.

[CLICK HERE] to access a great old clipping of rural school teachers in 1945.




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