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Photographic History of Meade State Lake

Click on the thumbnail of any photo to bring up a larger view, then use your browsers back button to return to the gallery. These photos are available in higher resolution, or ink-jet prints for a fee. Use the contact information on the "About Us" page for more information.

Lake Larrabee

D. Reimer collection

Boating on Meade Lake

P.Smith collection.

Early Meade Lake

P. Smith collection.

Lake Consession Stand

On the north side of Lake Larrabee in the 1930's. N. Ohnick collection.

Meade State Lake

1920's... dam in the background. N. Ohnick collection.

Along the Shore

Meade State Lake. N. Ohnick collection.

Lake Larrabee Consession House

This was located on the north side of the lake in 1936. N. Ohnick collection.

Cooper & Marrs Bath House

On the north side of Meade State Lake. N. Ohnick Collection.

Old Adobe Concession

Located on the west side of the lake, this building was torn down in the early 70's. N Ohnick collection

History of Meade State Lake

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